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I wanted to highlight a great resource for web marketing advice as well as getting started in business. It is specifically for former Royal Marines now in business, but the lessons are incredibly powerful for everyone. Bootnecks In Business will help you get a little clarity in not only managing, creating and establishing businesses, but will also open up a huge network of amazing business men that are hard working, dedicated and really good, loyal people.

I particularly recommend the podcasts which are released weekly, usually on a Tuesday at 1630 GMT.

The most recent podcast explained the directives of your potential customers using the Mouse analogy and how a mouse has two main directives:

  1. Avoid cat
  2. Get cheese

The key and the main lesson from the podcast is that normal traditional type interruption marketing techniques are like ‘cat’ and the minute that your potential clients sense cat they run for the hills. It turns them off and makes them shut down.

Examples would be:

  • Direct mail
  • Cold calling
  • Leaflets
  • Banners ads
  • PPC
  • Email marketing

In fact the most effective type of marketing is information based marketing where you provide great content and information that is of value to the potential client that allows them to get to know, like and trust you.

You really must check out the podcasts as well as the  blog posts at Bootnecks In Business



Web Development Hacks For Marketers.

Web development is basically creating online applications – including websites. So web dev marketing is bringing revolutionary features and services to your customers, after-development services, latest web developing trends, promoting your web development company, showcasing new widgets etc.

We used the term Web development marketing for describing the process of developing a website or a web app. The stages involved are:

  • web design,
  • web content development,
  • web server and network security configuration,
  • e-commerce development.

Site management and social media marketing could make up phase 5 & 6.

Web dev marketing can vary for different requirements from the simplest form of static text to complicated coding using web 2.0 technology such as .net and ruby. Depending on the size of development a business engages in, the work force will vary from the sole operator similar to the Grantham SEO Service provided by iSolutionTank in Somerset to hundreds of employees in a large scale web development project like a Microsoft project. Small companies  or those where the main service isn’t IT based will manage with one resourceful person to complete the work. Web development marketing is the corner stone of these companies because without marketing the development itself would not be found, bought and therefore profitable.

Today, there is an increasing need of network engineers and web developers in all industries and working with all technologies. This process has gained notoriety as more and more companies are outsourcing work to contractors. Web development marketing is pretty much the same. The current trend is for your marketer  to be sat at home and working from his home office or maybe his kitchen table creating awareness of the applications.

This is extremely profitably for the contractor and dramatically reduces the employment costs and restrictions imposed on the employee. I will no doubt discuss the world of contracting in future posts so look out for those.

A web development marketing company can create revolutionary, streamlined, and automated processes, saving your business time,  money and effort. They can create systems that give businesses the ability to harvest campaign data, previously unavailable to them. Marketing companies can function alongside current business processes without interruption. So web marketing is a new era of networking and advertising, social media and modern trends providing rapid and predictable growth in the industry.  You can grow your business online rapidly and easily.

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